The Artisans

These are many of the artisans who created the women's cooperative from 2007-2014. Though some of them have moved to other cities, many remain in Austin in other jobs and our friendship is still strong. We love the sense of history in this page and the overview these artisan stories give of the women whose friendship has meant so much to us. Feel free to click through and read more about them.
  • RaeNoe_MG_8215web
    Ra NoeWe have never stopped by Ra Noe’s apartment and not “caught” her weaving. Her artistry is more than her...more
  • ChristineWeb_1 (1)
    ChristineChristine is one of the newer artisans with Hill Country Hill Tribers, but it already seems like we’d barely get on...more
  • PweLoeweb_9927
    Pwe LoePwe Loe is an unforgettable personality among the Hill Triber artisan group–she is effervescent, charming and eager...more
  • Oo
    OoOo is a sweet spirit with a heartbreaking past. Her husband was a Karenni soldier who was killed in the fighting in Burma....more
  • IMG_3383-1
    KoeAt eight months pregnant, Koe went into labor in the middle of the jungle. While the rest of her family raced on towards...more
  • IMG_4593-1
    BoBo is the youngest of 10 siblings in a large, joyful Karenni hill tribe family. She was a teacher in the refugee camps before...more
  • HuangNan2w_IMG_6809-1
    HuangHuang has come a long way since she arrived in the United States two years ago. When we first met her, she was preparing...more
  • Nomiaw_IMG_6856-1
    NomiaNomia is a member of the KaChin Hill Tribe and is another recent addition to the group. She calls Huang her “aunt”...more
  • MehMow
    MehMeh is a true artist at heart and is also known as the “Baby Whisperer” for her innate ability to calm fussy...more
  • IMG_2723-1
    Hser KuHser Ku is one of the veteran members of the group. Hser Ku learned to sew on rice bag tote bags two years ago and has blossomed...more
  • SaMeiw
    SaSaw is a spitfire. Although 83, she has distinct opinions about thread color choices and certain weaving designs and isn’t...more
  • HtooSin1_IMG_0350
    HtooHtoo is a brand new artisan and the first man to join the crew. He is grandfather to six children and learned how to sew...more
  • DawGeyw
    DawWhen you first meet Daw, she is quiet and reserved. She usually sits in the back of class and listens silently, maybe exchanging...more
  • MaKayw
    Ma KayMa Kay joined Hill Country Hill Tribers in the spring of 2011. Since then, she’s amazed us with her “double-threat”...more
  • NehMehw
    NehNeh is 4-foot-nothing and full of life. One of the elder women of the group, she radiates warmth and kindness. Neh tracked...more
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