Hill Triber Patrons

Hill Country Hill Tribers was born out of friendship. As mothers of young children, the co-founders sympathized with isolated Burmese stay-at-home moms settling in a country half a world away from their homes. We wanted to help them adjust to a new life in a culture that was bewildering and strange. There was no need for funding—
we were simply helping talented refugee artisans learn English and sell their beautiful handicrafts.

Four years later, this core group of friends has expanded. As we become increasingly involved in the lives of Burmese refugees all over Austin, we continue to see the necessity of educational training and supplemental income. These are needs we feel called to meet. We’ve exceeded our capacity to do so as volunteers. Therefore we are asking for committed friends to become Hill Triber Patrons.

To become a Patron, fill out the form below. We will contact you with more payment and program details. We look forward to your partnership in the coming year!

As a Patron, you can help us create growth as both a financial and spiritual
supporter by:
  • Pledging $30 a month for a year.
  • Getting to know the story of a Hill Triber artisan and praying specifically
    for her to reach her entrepreneurial and educational goals in 2012.
  • Wearing your Patron bracelet in order to share the courageous stories
    of artisans with others.
In return, you'll receive:
  • A story card featuring the portrait and story of one Hill Triber artisan.
  • A hand-braided bracelet to wear and remember the lives and work of
    Hill Triber artisans.
  • Monthly emails updating you on the progress of the artisans and the organization.
Each Patron gift is a contribution to the entire mission of Hill Country Hill Trbers and will be used to meet the organization’s most pressing needs. All Hill Triber Patron pledges are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with an end of the year donation receipt.