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Welcome to Hill Tribers Magazine

construction-tractor-excavator-sitePardon our dust. We are busy getting this space ready for public consumption. We are looking forward to creating space to share the stories of refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants from around the world. In the meantime, learn more about our vision for Hilltribers here. And read up on the history of our organization, Hill Country Hill Tribers, here. If you would like to submit an article for publication, learn more about the stories we want to share here. Thank you for your interest in our mission to listen well to those who are fleeing from and searching for home.

Guest Post: Successful Messes

by Kelsi Williamson   When I worked for Hill Country Hill Tribers over a year ago, I quickly learned that things in this community were messy – a good messy with lots of laughter, joy, and awkward miscommunications, but a mess nonetheless. Sometimes the chaos could be overwhelming to the extent that it was hard […]

Honoring our Mothers

by Caren Each Mother’s Day, we celebrate and honor the women in our lives who have made us who we are. It’s a day to say a heartfelt “thanks” for all the blood, sweat, and, surely, tears poured out on our behalf by our moms. As a mother myself, I look forward to the handmade […]

Karenni Refugee Camp: Distribution of Medical Supplies, Food & Clothing

Part 2: The journey continues… On Sat., March 30 while eating breakfast in the guesthouse where I was staying, I met three people who were also about to go to the Karenni refugee camp that burned. After talking a little while we realized we had many friends in common. They offered to let me transfer […]

Live from Khun Yuam: Report on the Refugee Fire

Robert Reagan, our friend who lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, wrote us this report about how he was able to use the funds from our quick fundraiser to take supplies directly to the refugees displaced by the fire. The last rumored report was that there were 2200 people displaced by the fire. Here’s what your […]